Nice Alleppey Houseboats present the following terms and conditions for our guests. All our guests are urged to highly adhere to all the regulations for easy delivery of our services.


  • Bookings will take place as follows; arrival time -12noon, Departure time-9 am If you arrive late, there will be no compensation in terms of departure time.  
  • Foods served in the houseboats are within a fixed menu.
  • The cruise involves a menu of either veg or non-veg, breakfast, dinner, tea, and lunch.
  • The working hours of the AC are as from 9 pm – 6 am unless otherwise.
  • In case the AC fails due to a technical error, we suggest that our guests should remain in the same boat as the guests are allowed another reimbursement not fewer than Rs 1000.
  • The anchorage time for the houseboats will be 5.30 pm – 6 am. This is in accordance with the government prohibiting movement of boats beyond the named times.  
  • Guests are held accountable for their luggage. In case of losing we are not to blame.
  • If your booked boat can’t make to move may be due to a technical error, engine failure, or it is on maintenance then a boat of a similar standard shall be provided.  
  • The kitchen is out of bounds for our customers. No self-cooking allowed here. If you want an extra meal cooked for you, plans will be made as per the type of the meal.
  • The bills must be settled prior to getting off the boat. For the lovers of special meals, you will be offered with conditions that no direct transactions to our boat operators.  
  • Any gross misconduct will not be condoned. Misbehaving guests will face the authorities.
  • Every guest must be responsible for their activities inside the houseboat. Any damage must be compensated. Therefore manage naughty kids well not to cause any damage.  
  • Instructions given by the crew members must be strongly obeyed during arrival, cruising, anchoring, docking, and departure.   
  • The daytime cruise will operate from 7.30 am to 8.30 am and 12 noon to 5.30pm. There will be 1 hour for lunch. The houseboats are submissive to the weather conditions.  
  • In case of any expenses be it unexpected, direct or indirect, they must all be sorted out before disembarking. Nice Alleppey Houseboats will not be held responsible for substandard services.
  • Our guests must know that bookings are done as per the regulation put in place.  In case you are unsatisfied with any service and you want to file a lawsuit, then the specific service boat provider will stand responsible but not Nice Alleppey Houseboats (ZOOKA TOURS & TRAVELS LLP).   
  • If by bad luck, a houseboat service provider defaults the agreed contracts with the client, that particular service provider should offer the solution to the client but not Nice Alleppey Houseboats (ZOOKA TOURS & TRAVELS LLP).   
  • Nice Alleppey Houseboats is not accountable for any damage to clients, injury, loss, as a result of an incidence that’s beyond our reach.
  • The safety and responsibility of children in the houseboats solely remain in the hand s of their parents. Nice Alleppey Houseboats is not covered under any insurance cover, therefore we highly suggest for our customers to have insurance cover before coming for our services.
  • All personal luggage and other valuables are under the care and risk of the owners. We shall not be held responsible of any loss of property.  
  • For our customers, we don’t guarantee exactness of our services rendered to you by our boat operators. The photographs taken from the interior of our houseboats found on our website are mainly gotten from the very houseboats owners or management; hence the appearance of the room chosen by you is not under our mandate. As much as we promise fantastic holiday experiences, we don’t commit ourselves to guarantee you the same. This is because the ability for a person to enjoy is based on the personal perceptions.  
  • In case of disputes being raised against the services of Nice Allepppey Houseboats (ZOOKA TOURS & TRAVELS LLP), the case can only be handled in Chennai courts only.
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