One of the best ways to travel at sea or by water is via a boat. Yet, how many can say that they've cruised a Kettuvalloms;These are also called houseboats. If you are taking a honeymoon vacation, a family vacation, or simply want to wonder off to vacate your everyday life, taking a trip to Kerala would be a unique and beautiful way to do it.

There are some wonderful Alleppey houseboat packages that are available today that can allow you to see the wonders of the world right from the deck of a houseboat. Houseboats differ in material, design, the smooth rides and luxurious interiors, name few, and the package deals for them are amazing.

One of the major tourist attractions of Kerala;the backwaters Formed by a network of lagoons, rivers, canals and lakes, the backwaters are a complete package of scenery, biodiversity, beauty, peace and harmony. One of the most popular ways to explore these backwaters are by way of a houseboat.

One of the major backwater destinations of Kerala is Alleppey. You’ll see the canals, the rivers, and the backwater’s of Kerala in Alleppey.

A cruise along the major backwaters of Alleppey, a wonderful experience which one needs to have at least once in their lifetime is a great idea for those wanting to travel for special occasions or celebrations.

Places to venture to in an Alleppey houseboat which are popular amongst tourists are guided by tour guides who have safety in mind for the guest. The houseboats may be slow-moving, but this is the way that the leisure trips take place. In order to admire and see the environment that the houseboat is traveling through.

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